Below are a few of the things I’ve written, by publication alphabetically, and then in a rough chronological order.

APS News 

Preprints Make Inroads Outside of Physics

John Robert Schrieffer 1931-2019

Murray Gell-Mann 1929-2019

African Light Source Garners Critical Political Backing

Shoucheng Zhang 1963-2018

Leon Lederman 1922-2018

IEEE Spectrum

Cornell’s Prototype Low-Energy Particle Accelerator Completes Key Test

Li-Fi Scrubs Into the Operating Room


The Unexpected Upsides of the Hole in Fire Island

High Country News

A vigil about the true cost of family separation

Literary Review of Canada

Name Drop

Nature News

Google AI beats top human players at strategy game StarCraft II


Why Cassini Is Ending Its Life with a Kamikaze Plunge

Astronomy Has Just Gained a New Sense

This Crystal Mimics Learning and Forgetting

PBS Spacetime (scripts)

Building Black Holes in a Lab


Focus: Microscopic Theory for Peeling Tape

The Era of Anomalies


Quantum computers won’t break encryption just yet

Scientific American

Japan Delays Decision for Hosting Next Big Particle Collider

“Qutrit” Experiments Are a First in Quantum Teleportation

Smartphone Data Show Voters in Black Neighborhoods Wait Longer

Quantum Computer Made from Photons Achieves a New Record

MICE Cold: Collaboration Demonstrates Muon Ionization Cooling

Japan Inches Forward with Plans to Host Next Big Particle Collider

Pi in the Sky: General Relativity Passes the Ratio’s Test

Direct Proof of Dark Matter May Lurk at Low-Energy Frontiers

Science Magazine

Physicists create a quantum refrigerator that cools with an absence of light

Science News Science News for Students

This bionic mushroom makes electricity

Sound ways — literally — to move and filter things

Silver nanoparticles help fight brain-eating amoebas

Meet the speedsters of the plant world

Heat waves are roasting reefs, but some corals may be resilient

Birds get their internal compass from this newly ID’d eye protein

To hear the beat, your brain may think about moving to it

The wiring for walking developed long before fish left the sea

Baby macaques are the first primates to be cloned like Dolly the Sheep

Massive dust storms are robbing Mars of its water

Pollution is endangering the future of astronomy


Nobel awarded for theoretical cosmology, exoplanet discovery

Gravity’s waterfall

The potential of plasma wakefield acceleration

Conjuring ghost trains for safety

Researchers face engineering puzzle

A new model for standards

Quirks of the arXiv

A brief etymology of particle physics

Mobile Neutrino Lab makes its debut

QuarkNet brings particle physics to African schoolrooms

Awards will fund quantum sensor technology for dark matter searches

Looking back: communication at Fermilab over 50 years

Sleuths use bubbles to look for WIMPs


In YouTube ‘Edutainment,’ Minimal Control for Scientific Accuracy

Diversifying Peer Review by Adding Junior Scientists


In memoriam: Philip Anderson