This is me.

I grew up in Bellport, a small town on the South Shore of Long Island where Manhattan elite escape for the summer; where kids toss their bikes against the façade of the pizza shop; where the railroad tracks are a racial schism; where the curio shops outnumber the grocery stores; where the beach can be yours alone on a midnight run.

I went to college at Columbia University, where I got my BA in physics and spent a minute or two at the student paper.

I spent two years in internships. I was at the AGU, then Fermilab, moved to Nautilus, and finished up with Science News.

Now, I’m a freelance science journalist. I write primarily about the physical sciences, with an emphasis on particle physics. (That said, my interests are fairly broad and omnivorous.)

If you’d like to learn more about me, you can follow me on twitter or just shoot me an email at digaristo@gmail.com.