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This is me.

I grew up in Bellport, a small town on the South Shore of Long Island about ten miles from Brookhaven National Lab, where I spent two rather fruitless summers learning about the fluid dynamics of bubbles. From there I went to Columbia University, spent late nights putting together the student paper, and turned in enough problem sets to get a BA in physics.

After hopping from internship to internship (first the AGU, then Fermilab, Nautilus, and finally Science News), I settled in to life as a freelance science journalist where I write for a variety of publications.

As a reporter my ambit is fairly broad, but when I can, I prefer to cover physics. I’m particularly interested in stories that capture how science as an institution functions and manages to tell us about the universe.

If you’d like to learn more about me, you can follow me on twitter or just shoot me an email at digaristo@gmail.com.